Product development for the public good

👋 We're a non-profit that builds free and open-source software supporting press and internet freedom, activism, LGBTQ+ rights, and accessibility tech.

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Some of the most important projects and organizations online are underresourced and understaffed.

Our mission is to make causes in the public interest as successful as possible through research, design, engineering, media, strategy, and independent software development.

Our Products

Pi Relay

The easiest way to support the Tor Network from home. Add an e-ink display to see real-time usage information.

Homepage for Pi Relay

Hush Line

Host your own private suggestion box or tip line. Deploy on a public website or as a Tor-only install.

Homepage and app for Hush Line.

The Pretty Wiki

Forget everything you know about Wikis. Now, you have a free platform to own and publish your own work.

Homepage and articles pages for The Pretty Wiki.