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I train journalists, and it's not always safe for them in Mexico, so we need easy-to-use, private-by-default software. Anything too complex is a risk.

— Mexico City, Mexico

Areas Of Focus

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Press Freedom

Journalism and press rights are under attack every day. And the realities of the threats journalists face are severe.

Whether communicating with sources, researching sensitive topics, or securing data, usable tools are essential to ensuring journalists can perform their jobs.

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People worldwide are fighting for change - racial justice, climate change, women's rights, religious freedom activists, and more.

Being able to communicate and collaborate freely is critical to their safety.

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The LGBTQ+ Community

Every day we see headlines about people in positions of authority worldwide targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

We assert that everyone deserves the rights to privacy, and physical and digital autonomy.

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Accessibility Tech

If software isn't accessible, it isn't ethical. Users of all abilities need products that are easy to use.

We're committed to delivering accessible software and consider it as non-negotiable.

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